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Q: Does Bhaya Legend Private Cruise go to Bai Tu Long Bay area?

Yes, please refer to chosen package and check the route map.

Q: Does Bhaya Legend Private Cruise go to Lan Ha Bay?

Yes, you can see options on the set packages to choose the best one for you or customize your own itinerary by using our interactive map on cruise a la carte page. Access to Lan Ha Bay depends on the weather conditions at the time.

Q: Does Bhaya Legend Private Cruise go to Cat Ba Island?

Yes, you can see options on the set packages to choose the best one for you or customize your own itinerary by using our interactive map on cruise a la carte page. Access to Cat Ba Island depends on the weather conditions at the time.

Q: Where does Bhaya Legend Private Cruise go in Halong Bay?

Please refer to the set private Halong bay cruise package page or cruise a la carte page with a detail map showing destinations we go in Halong Bay.

Q: What's the weather like in Halong Bay?

Please click on the following link for the average weather report in the area before your trip:

You can also have a look at a local Vietnamese forecast on Click on English/ Select Northeastern/ Select Quang Ninh.

Q: What is the best time to visit Halong Bay?

Summer is a good time to cruise on Halong Bay but the best time of year is during the spring or fall. Because the bay is situated in the northern part of the country, it can get colder in the fall and winter, and though you won't see extremes such as blizzards, it's still a lousy place to be when it gets cold.

Tip: You should bring a swim suit with you, night's swim in the phosphorescent water is also very nice (must be before your drinks)

Q: What is Bhaya Legend Private Cruise's policy on cruising while pregnant?

Bhaya Legend Private Cruise regretfully has to refuse guests who have entered their 37th week of pregnancy by the beginning of the cruise. Please advise us how far along (in weeks) your pregnancy is and confirm that you are in good health and are not experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. Also, please inform us the status of your pregnancy so that we can take good care. The Legend strongly recommends you review your health insurance coverage before your cruise.

Q: What is the cruise policy for children?

Our policy is not to charge for children under two (2) years old. Children aged three to eleven (3 – 11) sharing a cabin/suite with two adults on an extra mattress will be charged extra, and limited to one additional child per cabin/suite only staying in a separate cabin will be charged at 75% of the adult price. Children older than 12 years of age will be charged the same as adults.

Q: How many guests can stay in a room?

The maximum occupancy for any room or suite is 2 adults and 1 child under 12 years old. Additional charges may apply for occupancy of more than two guests per room or suite.

Q: What is the booking cancellation policy?

Please be sure to check our terms and conditions prior to making your booking at Booking Conditions. The cancellation policy depends on the number of cabins you reserve. For your convenience, you can find this policy on both the booking form as well as your confirmation email.

Q: How can I pay for my cruise on Bhaya Legend Private Cruise?

All our quotes are in US Dollar.Bhaya Legend Private Cruise accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express and Paypal. If you are living or staying in Vietnam, you can also make payment by credit card or cash prior to your cruise date.

Q: Who makes the decision to cancel the cruise and when will I be informed of?

The cancellation of the cruise is decided by the Halong Bay local authorities. They closely monitor the weather conditions; they usually do not give official notice but instead do not give permission for boats to go out. Usually, in case of storms, Bhaya Legend Private Cruise informs guests a day before the cruise. In cases where there is little or no knowledge beforehand of a storm, Bhaya Legend Private Cruise may announce the cancellation on the morning of the cruise or as soon as it receives information from the local authorities that no boats are allowed to go out.

Q: What happens if there is a tropical storm predicted at the time of my cruise?

Bhaya Legend Private Cruise tries to avoid operating any vessel in the vicinity of a tropical system and we monitor the progress of these storms very closely. If there is any potential threat to any of our guests or ships, the itinerary may be altered to try to avoid any interaction with the storm or any affected areas.

Q: What happens if my cruise is cancelled due to bad weather?

Bhaya Legend Private Cruise monitors the weather situation closely and will try hard to keep you updated. Please always leave us your contact details, such as your hotel in Hanoi or your mobile number in Vietnam.

If the cruise is cancelled before your departure from Hanoi, Legend Halong shall notify you and make a 100% refund for the cabin and any transfer charge. If you have booked a hotel with Legend Halong before or after your cruise, the hotel booking remains unchanged.

Q: How can I make a special request (bed type, cabin location, etc.)?

You can make any special requests on the instant booking form or email to us. However, please note that all special requests are subject to availability and can only be confirmed upon arrival.

Q: When can I make my spa reservations?

You can make spa reservations once on board Bhaya Legend Private Cruise. If you are interested in these services, please make your reservation as soon as you come aboard, as appointments tend to fill up quickly. Alternatively, you can request these extra services before the start of your cruise by emailing

Q: What travel documents do I need to present upon arrival at the pier?

On arrival in Halong Bay, you will simply need to present:

- Booking confirmation

- Identification documents (proof of citizenship such as passport) for each guest

Q: Can Bhaya Legend Private Cruise help me with visa to Vietnam, airport transfer or hotel bookings?

Yes. Besides our accommodation service, Bhaya Legend Private Cruise also supports our guests in arranging hotel booking, airport transfers, Ha Long – Hanoi – Ha Long transfers and visa on arrival. If you need any extra service, please kindly contact our Sales Department for more details.

Q: Will my hair dryer, razor or other electric applicances work on board?

Onboard electricity is 220V AC. Adapters are available at the Reception Desk on request. If you have any questions about the appropriate place to plug in your hair dryer, razor or any other electric appliances, please check with our staff.

Q: Do you provide irons and ironing boards for use during my stay in Halong Bay?

Yes, if you need an iron, please kindly contact our receptionist on board.

Q: Is there a laundry service on board Legend Halong?

While there is no laundry service on board, we can iron or press clothes (an extra cost applies). Simply contact the Reception Desk for information.

Q: Are hairdryers available in the cabins?

Yes, all of our cabins have hairdryers. Have a look at our factsheet/ Our boats page for more information about the facilities and amenities available in each cabin on the boats.