Bhaya Legend Halong Private Cruise Story

In recent years, Halong Bay cruise has been thriving more than ever with massive ships that can accommodate as many passengers as possible at a time. Big ships and mass itinerary taking the flock of tourists to the same crowded spots do not connect you with the spectacular surrounding.

That is why we created Bhaya Legend Private Cruise!

A perfect combination of local culture, understated charm and thoughtful itineraries, Bhaya Legend Private Cruise will take guests in style on in-depth voyages of breathtaking beauty and discovery on the mysterious waters of Halong Bay and beyond. With a total of seven wooden vessels, boasting from just one to three cabins each, Bhaya Legend Private Cruise is especially suited to couples, families and small groups seeking to delve deeper into Vietnam’s rich cultural treasures and Halong Bay’s staggering scenic wonders.  

Private experiences with signature personalized service

The ‘Cruise-à-la-carte’ concept gives guests the privilege to mix and match various cruise features to create something tailored to their taste. Everything from the destinations to the excursion activities, menu details, and specific onboard décor can be customized to guests’ needs. With Bhaya Legend Private Cruise and our dedicated butlers’ undivided attention, there is no reason to settle for anything short of exactly what you want.

In addition to the ‘à-la-carte cruise’, Bhaya Legend Private Cruise’s travel experts also offer an ‘Editor’s choice’ set packages which are optimized for the best Halong charter cruise. Guests simply select a theme which is most suitable for their romantic honeymoon or anniversary, family gatherings, cultural exploration, photography or relaxation – and just countdown to the day of departure.

Guest Reviews
Guest Reviews