Legend Halong Story

=> Bhaya Legend Private Cruise was created to fulfill the promise of utter comfort and privacy, and stand apart from the numerous cruise operators in the region, taking travelers to the further reaches of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay. The range of activities and destinations we offer ensures exceptional experiences in this dreamlike seascape of countless untouched islands.

Consider our unique Cruise à la carte concept, which allows you to freely mix and match our various cruise features to create something which truly matches your tastes. Everything from the cruise route and destinations to the activities and the details of the menu and onboard décor can be specified in your package. With Legend Halong, there is no reason to settle for anything short of exactly what you want.

We also offer a number of themed package itineraries, designed to meet your expectations for a chartered cruise without requiring a lot of planning time from you in advance. You simply select the theme most suitable for you –romantic honeymoon or anniversary, family, cultural exploration, photography or relaxation – and, based on our depth of experience cruising in Halong Bay, we'll handle the rest of the details for you.

With a total of 7 boats, boasting from 1 to 3 cabins each, Legend cruises is especially suited to couples, families and small groups seeking private experiences with superior service.

Bhaya Legend Private Cruise is now the number one choice for truly exclusive private Halong Bay cruises.

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Guest Reviews