Guidance for the Best Valentine Day in Halong Bay

Posted On January 24, 2017

“There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God’s finger on man’s shoulder,” Charles Landbridge Morgan. As the quote has stated, surprise is the most magical love present you can give for your other half. So on Valentine this year, surprise your beloved by a luxury cruise to Halong Bay. What could be more romantic than chocolate and red wine in the middle of stunning ocean view? This guidance will lead you through the steps to make the best out of Valentine.

Step 1: Physically Prepare

Are you still looking for motivations for the gym? Take this chance and set the goal is to look hot for your date. It might take a few months for a remarkable change so set your time up early for those workouts. However, you still can safely and easily lose up to 3 pounds, or 1 kg, a week by visiting the gym regularly and eating clean. These workouts will not just tone up your body, improve your health, but also help with keeping up with the cruise’s itinerary. As a busy and fun schedule is set up, get yourself physically prepared to enjoy all activities.

Step 2: Mentally Prepare

Another benefit of getting yourself physically improved is your mental health is improved too. The workouts will definitely boost up your confidence to strengthen for whatever speech you might want to present to your partner (hint: Valentine and Halong Bay is a good combination for her to say “Yes”). Remember, you are making yourself happy and also your loved one. Know that the enjoyment of this trip will tight up your relationship and makes she/he love you more than ever. Additionally, the beauty of Halong Bay will definitely surprises you both, so ready to be amazed by the beauty of limestone caves, stunning beaches, and exotic scenery of sunrise and sunset on the cruise.


Step 3: Appearance Prepare

How long have you been forgetting to take care of yourself? Now is time to get a new haircut, go to spa to get facial care, buy new suit or dress, new cologne or perfume, new tie or lipstick, etc. No matter how old you are, an attractive appearance is always a turn on for your partner.

appearance prepare halong


Step 4: Don’t Forget the Gift

Valentine related items are set up in-store about a month before Valentine. So as soon as you see the romance atmosphere, question yourself what your partner wants besides a surprise cruise vacation to Halong Bay. Common presents are jewelry, handmade home décor, candy, and flowers. Fancier presents are designed clothes, vehicle, or a new home.

surprise gift halong


Step 5: Last But Not Least, Booking the Perfect Cruise

There are several of cruises deals on our website, designed to best suit your need. You are able to select and set up the most appropriate itinerary with Legend Cruise along with multiple activities and destinations in Halong Bay that best fits you and your partner. Thus, show that you truly care by choosing your partner’s favourite sense for your cabin and his/her preferred dinner as if she/he is vegetarian or Hindus. The more details you make based on your partner’s characteristics, the better intimacy you build for this relationship.

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