3 destinations around Halong Bay you should not miss

Posted On January 22, 2016

With more than 1600 limestones and karsts, various island and small beaches, Halong Bay has a lot to offer to its tourists, whether they’re adventurous travelers or just enjoying a relaxed vacation. A cruise trip normally offer a fixed itinerary, which sounds like a great option as it’s the result of carefully researching and planning by the cruise operator. However, if you’re planning to book a charter boats for your own family/group, make sure to check out these 3 destinations:

Titov Island

Have you ever seen a familiar shot of Halong Bay from high above and wonder where people took it? There’s this small but famous island in the Bay, where you can climb up high above to enjoy the stunning scenery of the UNESCO World Heritage, called Titov Island.

Located 8km away from Bai Chay Harbor, Titov is among top 3 most beautiful islands of Halong Bay. The island is small yet demonstrates a wide variety of topographies, from glamorous beach to mountain. Therefore, a short stop at Titov gives you opportunities to enjoy a lot of activities within the nature. Famous for its fresh atmosphere, clean water and white sand, the island’s beach is loved by travelers for a fun swimming with their families, or just lazily lying under the sun for tanning. Even the kids will not feel left out, sport activities such as water volleyball or kayaking are always ready to challenge your physics.

Don’t tire yourself out too much from al the beach entertainments, save some energy for a short trekking to the nearby mountain, where you can enjoy Halong Bay splendid paronamic scenery from high above. The unique experience is clearly cannot be cherished in a normal cruise itinerary.

Luon Cave

While visiting the famous must-see Surprised Cave, plan your journey to a nearby prominent destination named Luon Cave, which is only 1km away. Different from Surprise Cave that’s famous for magnificent stalactites, Luon Cave is known by the breathtaking landscape that can’t be seen elsewhere. The cave entrance looks like a natural gate which is about 2.5m – 4m high from the tidal above, which only allows small wooden boats or kayak to pass through. Passing the pretty gate, a stunning world opens in your eyes with a landscape that looks like a close lake surrounded by limestones. The biodiversity here amazed every tourist, from the green cycads, ferns to many orchids that hang their sweet-scented flowers.

Luon Cave and its surrounding is the perfect destination for kayaking and sightseeing. Rowing your kayak in the calm and ethereal water while immerse the breathtaking limestones from below. If lucky enough, you might also encounter some cheeky golden monkeys jumping from stones to stones.

Soi Sim Island

While Titov Island is more well-known among explorers to Halong Bay, only little knows about Soi Sim Island, which is only 700m away and is definitely an off-the-beat destination compared to others. The island is named after a popular plant growing here, Sim trees. The trees blossom widely from March to August every year, giving tourist an interesting view on this lovely island.

As Soi Sim Island is still a new place for travelers, the island demonstrates a purely clean beauty with 2 white sand beaches and 2 mountains covered with primeval forests. Water activities and luxury service might not be fully established, but you can enjoy the quietness and peace away from the crowd instead.


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