3 activities must-do when visiting Halong Bay

Posted On January 22, 2016

The 3 activities listed below should definitely be on your must-do list when visiting Halong Bay, especially if you’re visiting it for the first time:

1. Admire the beauty of nature on a luxury cruise

When it comes to Halong Bay, you can’t leave without cruising through the Bay to really immerse in the beauty of nature. Taking you on halong bay boat cruise, a luxury cruise gives you the opportunity to get closer to the limestone, as well as soaks up the atmosphere and the scenery that makes Halong famous for.

Floating around the Halong Bay in a cruise puts you in a slow motion mode. Start your day with a special Tai chi demonstration and breathe some fresh air. Later on, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon lying on the cruise’s sundeck, reading a book or watching the ethereal sunset in the sea. That’s when you realize there’s no better way to escape from your usual busy lifestyle in a big city than this.

2. Kayaking through the Bay

Kayaking is another way to experience Halong Bay’s intimate view from the sea level. You will have a chance to float pass the enormous limestone and get so close to the emerald water right under your paddles. Kayaking has been one of the most favorite activities voted by travelers in Halong Bay. The journey starts in Vung Vieng fishing village – where you can observe the daily lives of fisherman on water. Following by the breath-taking beauty of karsts in various formation right in front of your eyes, kayaking should be suggested to all tourists visiting Halong Bay.

Some tip during kayaking you should take note before boarding:

  • Pay close attention to your guide’s instruction regarding tides, weather and safety. Kayaking is considered safe with the calm water in Halong Bay but still, you should take precautions for yourself.
  • Don’t go too far from your group. Just in case any problem happens, at least someone will know and try to help or get help for you.
  • Bring a water-proof camera. The view will be astonishing from water level. And you will not want to miss the precious moment rowing in the World Heritage Site.

3. Exploring unique grottoes and caves

One of Halong Bay charms is the various grottoes and caves around the sea, each of which demonstrate a different unique structure made by the amazing Mother Nature. Halong Bay offers visitors opportunities to discover many caves – the unique structure made from limestones. You might be amazed at the different and interesting formation of rocks, each one often hide a story under, form turtle, rock to flower shape.

The most commonly visit is Sung Sot (Surprise Cave) as being the largest with the most diverse structures inside. Covering 10.000m2 with 500 meters paved passage, thousands of stalactites and stalagmites can be founded in different shapes as a result of million years of nature creation. Not only Sung Sot, Halong Bay is also famous for many other caves like Thien Cung (Heavenly Palace) Cave, Dau Go (Wood Tip) grotto and Trinh Nu (Virgin) grotto. The variety of rock formations can leave you in awe of how amazingly Mother Nature can create such a masterpiece.



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